Nobody can shoot people in the heart and get away with it better than me, Trump boasts

trumpAddressing a packed rally last Friday in Pensacola, Florida, Donald Trump claimed to supporters that presidential rival Hillary Clinton would be able to “shoot someone in the heart” and escape prosecution.

“But I could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue and not lose any voters, so…” he continued, referring to a boast he made earlier this year. “I can kill people real good. Real good. And they couldn’t touch me, not if they tried. I bought every cop, every cop. They love me the cops in New York.

“Hillary, she… well I don’t think she’d have the guts quite frankly, I really don’t, I’m sorry. She hides – we all know – she hides behind crooked Bill and NO-bama. And I guess we know who pulls the trigger there, am I right?”

“Eh, it’s all great. This is great. I love cops. I love black cops,” he insisted to a rapt crowd. “But Hillary, I don’t know. The point is this: she could shoot you in the heart and nobody would touch her.

“She’s trigger happy,” Trump added, before revealing that he would instruct US destroyers in the Persian Gulf to obliterate small Iranian vessels for looking at them the wrong way.


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