Australian family “wins” right to stay in UK

victoryAn Australian family involved in a high profile legal battle to avoid deportation have “won” the right to remain in the Scottish Highlands, with wellwishers around the world hailing their “successful” appeal.

Their “victory” comes at the end of a protracted dispute with the UK government after the foreign office unexpectedly cancelled its post-study work visa programme – the initiative which encouraged the family to seek a “better” life in the UK in the first place.

Gregg and Kathryn Brain are reportedly thrilled that they will not face deportation to the balmy tropical paradise of Australia, and will instead have the “privilege” of remaining in the Scottish Highlands, a remote and culturally isolated region which “enjoys” the highest annual rainfall in the UK.

Despite their obvious joy at the “positive” outcome of their appeal, it remains unclear what lies behind the Brains’ determination to “live” in the Scottish Highlands, with many speculating that toxic debt, scandal, or arrest awaits them in their native Australia.

Following their “win”, the Brains are looking forward to discovering more of Scotland’s many “delicacies”, which include deep-fried “pizza”, sausage “meat” squares, and Buckfast.

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