BBC faces pressure to justify “Eggheads” moniker after leading Egghead transpires to be a moron

cjThe BBC has come under pressure to explain why it called one of its most popular daytime quiz shows “Eggheads” after it emerged that one of its leading Eggheads is an absolute moron.

CJ de Mooi, a mainstay of the show until his sacking earlier this year, was arrested on Thursday for the murder of an unidentified mugger in Amsterdam 30 years ago, following an inadvisable confession to the crime in his 2015 autobiography.

While de Mooi boasts a solid record of correctly answering general knowledge questions on the show, it is unclear how he was able to achieve this feat while at the same time failing to anticipate the consequences of publicly describing an occasion on which he murdered somebody.

Senior BBC executives will conduct an internal investigation to establish how a man so obviously lacking in brainpower was able to secure a job on the Eggheads team. The production team will also review its question-setting policies, to ensure that people of de Mooi’s mental limitations cannot slip through the net in future.

Meanwhile, all quiz results in which de Mooi participated will be declared void and competitors will receive prize money retroactively, in recognition of the fact that none of them would be so mindbogglingly stupid as to reveal the time and whereabouts of an unsolved murder committed by themselves, along with a detailed description of the victim.

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